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Clipp-Aid Blade Sharpening Crystals For Trimmers (Blue)

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Sharpens Trimmer Blades, brings Dull Blades Back To Life, easy to Use ‐ just 4 simple steps, takes less than 2 minutes, anti‐bacterial formula, all natural ingredients, saves time & money.

  •  Can I use Clipp‐Aid® on my old blades?

When first using Clipp‐Aid®, the age of the blade does make a difference. However, as long as the blade is not damaged, Clipp‐Aid® can be used to bring it back to life.
Blades that are in very poor condition, or are very dull, may need 2 or 3 Clipp‐Aid® sachets in a row the first time it is used. But once sharpened, you can transition to using Clipp‐Aid® every 2 to 4 weeks to keep the blades sharp

  • Can Clipp‐Aid® damage my clippers?

Research shows no risks or damage to clippers or trimmers with the proper use of Clipp‐Aid® products.
WARNING: Trimmer blades have finer teeth and are more sensitive than clipper blades. It is important to only use the specially formulated Trimmer Clipp‐Aid® (blue sachet) for trimmer blades. Also, ensure any dirt, dust, grime and other debris is removed from between the blades after using Clipp‐Aid®. We recommend using a blade wash (such as “CLEAN BLADES” Lubricant & Sanitiser) or removing the blade from the machine to clean.
Which Clipp‐Aid® is best for me?
There are 3 different sachets of Clipp‐Aid® available containing a carefully measured quantity of crystals to suit different blade sizes. There is also a sachet designed specially for trimmer blades.

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  For Barbers, Hair Stylists and Pet Groomers

  BLADE SIZES: All Trimmer Sizes

  Sharpen blades like new

  Cut hair better and faster

  Easy to use

  Save time. Save money

  10 Packs

  Size: 2.5 x 4.5 x 1.8 inches

  Weight: 2.1 oz

  Clipp-Aid Blade Sharpening Crystals For Trimmers (10 Packs)



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