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Nak Hair Keratin Smoothing Treatment System (Shampoo, Sealant, Masque)-500ml

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Introducing safe keratin actives and advanced smoothing technology that is formaldehyde free

  • Discover a unique smoothing service designed to
  • Take control of unruly hair texture
  • Reduce volume, frizz and flyaway
  • Soften natural hair shape, texture and curl pattern
  • Minimise styling and drying time
  • Enhance your overall styling experience
  • Strengthening, softening, smoothing
  • Repairing all hair textures.
  • Creating sleek smoothing results, easily
  • Tailored to suit individual styling needs

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  • NAK Hair Keratin Smoothing features safe Keratin actives that are formaldehyde free.
  • Offering smoothing performance, that won’t stress hair fabric.
  • Creating gentle demi-permanent texture change lasting up to 12 weeks.


  • Gently re-position the disulphide bonds, creating a subtle relaxation
  • of natural hair shape texture and curl pattern.


  • Carry the smoothing actives, into the deepest part of the cortex.
  • Filling up the spaces between the re-positioned disulphide bonds.


  • Are temporarily sealed and pressed inside the hair layers
  • resulting in a smooth and sleek frizz free texture change.


  • A strand test is an essential step when hair tolerance is unknown
  • Consider hair texture, strength, porosity, elasticity and condition
  • Consider chemical history and accumulation of breakage or damage
  • Re-establish strength in damaged hair with a keratin light service
  • Reduce the temperature and passes when ironing fragile hair
  • Use extra care when smoothing & ironing pre-lightened blonde hair
  • Please follow guidelines & recommendations for smoothing longevity
  • Please refer to our NAK smoothing instructional video
  • For technical support – please call the NAK hotline 07 3895 4566


  • Ensure the hair is thoroughly clean - prior to smoothing
  • Take fine half centimetre sections – beginning from the nape to the crown
  • Apply smoothing sealant thoroughly - do not over saturate the hair
  • Do not apply sealant to the scalp or root area – keep 1cm away
  • Upon completing smoothing application – re-apply sealant to dry areas
  • Add heat to the hair – rollerball or dryer – do not use a steamer
  • If required, extend processing time – on coarse hair textures - up to 15 min
  • If required, extend processing time – on afro caribbean tight curl up to 30 min
  • When extending processing time – more product may be required
  • Stretch hair during blow-drying – using a ceramic round brush
  • Hair should be touch dry – do not over dry
  • Iron each section carefully – using correct temperature and passes
  • Begin ironing at the root area – with super quick light passes
  • Finish ironing from roots to ends – smoothing each section straight
  • Nak Hair Keratin Smoothing (Shampoo 500ml, Sealant 500ml, Masque 500ml)

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