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Wondercap Gel Heatcap Hair Treatment Pack

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4x Wondercap Disposable Hair Shower Cap

"Wondercap" is one of those simple inventions that make you say "why hasn't someone thought of this before?"   Most of you clever women will already know that applying heat to your head when you have your conditioning treatment  will turbo-charge your treatment as the heat will open the cuticles to let the product penetrate deeply.

 Imagine being able to pamper yourself by indulging in a Wondercap treatment in the comfort of your own bathroom.   To use simply  HEAT the Wondercap in the microwave and placed on conditioned hair for 3-5 minutes to let it work its magic.  You will be amazed at the dramatic difference in your hair after just one use.   A Wondercap treatment will cost you less than 19 cents a time compared to $10-60 you  pay at a salon!


  • Unique, deep hair conditioning home hair treatment pack.

  • Quick, easy and safe- heats in the microwave.

  • The heat from the cap opens up your hair cuticles allowing the conditioning treatment to deeply nourish the inner hair shaft.

  • Smooths the cuticle, eliminates frizz, moisturises the hair and infuses outstanding shine.

  • Non-Toxic, non-caustic and non-flammable gel filling.

  • Non-allergenic and waterproof outer fabric.

  • Heats in 90 seconds (Time will vary with some older microwave ovens).

  • Can be re-used many times over.

  • Can be frozen and worn as a cooling migrain releif.

  • Kit includes the Wondercap reusable Gel Cap, 50ml Guardian Angel treatment and a Halo disposable cap.

  • Beautifully packaged, makes the perfect gift.

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  With the unrelenting pressure on women of job, housework, kids and husband (not necessarily in that order!) it is not surprising that  

   Wondercap has a cult following with women who place a high value on stolen moments of indulgence and personal pampering.

  Let the therapeutic experience of a 5 minute Wondercap treatment enhance your bathroom "me-time" - ADDICTION GUARANTEED.  Your hair

   will love you for it.

  Beautifully packaged and including a 50ml tube of Guardian Angel intensive treatment Wondercap is the ultimate hair care gift that can be

   used time and time again.


  PVC outer with non-toxic, non-allergenic gel filling and 100% cotton elastic band.

  Wondercap reusable Gel Cap,

  50ml Guardian Angel treatment

  2x Disposable cap

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